Export Packing

Export Packing Export Packing
This is our core business. Export packing is a key component of our customers’ supply chains: properly protect our customers’ products throughout every step of the international supply chain (shipping, transport, handling, long term outdoor storage…) is critical.
We design and execute the right packing solutions related to each shipping type (overland, sea,air) at the required thermal or hygrometrical level (water-proof packing depending on the fragility or exposure to corrosion of packed material) and outdoor storage constraints (worksite delivery, outdoor long term storage). 

Our packing solutions are fully compliant with the SEI technical requirement specification (EILS certification # 139).

We design and produce tailor-made packing solutions for different types of needs : wooden crates, openwork crates… We produce also several types of customised wooden wedges depending on the type of our customers’ products or parts following an initial phase of design (weight constraints, center of gravity calculations) performed by our technical packing engineering department. All our solutions are therefore completely customised to our customers’ products.

We also design and produce wooden containers with plywood boards or technical packing solutions including specific foams to secure products within the crate or box.