Our investments to better serve our clients

Our means

Our means

Our operating sites


  • 3,000 sqm secured facility on a 16,000 sqm field.
  • 40 tons overhead crane, double 40T forklift + 16 T, 5T overhead crane.
  • 1 x 10T forklift, 1 x 4T reach truck, 2 x 2T electric stackers.
  • 1 x digital horizontal saw and 3 x digital vertical saws.
  • 4 flat bed vans 3.5T, 1 van 3.5T with cover.


  • 3,000 sqm secured facility on a 11,000 sqm field.
  • 2 x 20 tons and 2 x 10 tons overhead cranes.
  • 1 x 8T forklift, 1 x 5T forklift, 2 x 2T electric stackers.
  • 2 x digital horizontal saw and 1 x digital vertical saw.
  • 1 flat bed van 3.5T, 1 van 3.5T with cover.


  • 1,000 sqm secured logistics warehouse.
  • 1 x 2 tons forklift, 2 x 2T electric stackers.
  • Export packing and packaging facility.
  • 1 tail lift van x 3.5T with cover.

Our packing engineering department

Our packing engineering department – located in Erstein – design new packaging and packing solutions using detailed plans and dimensions of our clients’ machines and products.

The packing engineering department is involved in new projects design and also in current packing optimisation programs in order to standardise packaging while reducing the number of packing references. We mainly work on designing and implementing reusable packaging in ordr to reduce costs and support the environmental policy of EILS and its clients.

For each project we do create detailed technical specifications for each packaging including:

Packaging dimensions and weight calculation details and rules based on products typologies. 

Reference and quality of the raw material used.

Detailed plans showing the packaging design including how the product is wedged in the crate.

Test reports (vibration, drop test, erosion…)

When packing is built in France, our packaging is designed and manufactured in accordance with the SEI technical specifications.

Crates manufacturing

Our crates are designed and manufactured on our packing sites and for specific client requirements are produced and delivered the same day.

We provide flexible, tailor-made and integrated services with our means and our in-house packing engineering department:

- 2 x digital horizontal saws.

- 1 x digital vertical saw.

- 6 x digital radial saws.

Thanks to these means and our team’s flexibility, we are able to permanently stick to our clients’ demand fluctuations and can supply our crates within the shortest possible leadtimes.

Crates or packing frames – specific and reusable – see pictures.

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