Export packing

Export packing Export packing

EILS specialises in the manufacture of customised industrial packaging for product transport. Customised industrial packaging is only as good as the material it is made of. After all, the goods to be packed must be optimally protected at all times. Industrial goods are often very heavy, which makes them bulky and difficult to handle. Some goods, for example, must not be wet or are even highly flammable. Depending on the characteristics of the product, it is therefore advisable to use moisture-resistant double or triple-walled corrugated cardboard, wood or plastic packaging.

Our industrial packaging solutions in Strasbourg

Export product packaging is a key element of our customers’ supply chain: properly protecting our customers’ products at every stage of the international supply chain (shipping, transport, handling, long-term outdoor storage…) is essential.

Our teams are located in Alsace, we have two agencies located in Erstein and Tagolsheim to meet all product packaging requirements. We work with companies in Alsace to obtain protection for their products for the different means of transport.

We design and produce packaging solutions adapted to each type of transport (land, sea, air), to the thermal or hygrometric level required (watertight packaging according to the fragility or exposure to corrosion of the packaged material) and to the constraints of outdoor storage (delivery to a building site, long-term outdoor storage).
Our packaging solutions are fully compliant with the technical requirements specification of the Syndicat d’Emballage Industriel, the SEI (EILS n° 139 certification).


Industrial wood packaging

This is our core business.
We also design and produce wooden containers with plywood panels or technical packaging solutions including specific foams to secure the products inside the box or carton.
Industrial packaging made of wood or plywood remains the most used and requested means of transport by our customers due to the properties of this material.

What types of products can we support?

We design and produce custom packaging solutions for different types of needs: wooden crates, openwork crates… We also produce several types of wooden wedges customised according to the type of products or parts of our customers after an initial design phase (weight constraints, centre of gravity calculations) carried out by our technical packaging design office. All our solutions are therefore entirely customised to our customers’ products.

Do you have technical specifications for shipping your product?

Contact us for information on packaging your product.
Our teams will assist you in analysing the recommended packaging solutions and respond to your requests for quotes.

You will find some of our solutions highlighted on our website to show you more about our packaging solutions and the attention we pay to our customers’ projects.
We pack your products at our packaging sites in Erstein and Tagolsheim, as well as at our customers’ industrial sites.