Transport & Logistics

Transport & Logistics Transport & Logistics

EILS is your manufacturing logistics expert and monitor several logistics operations for its customers on client’s sites or within EILS multi-user’s facilities or with dedicated facilities to a single customer depending on the operations size.

We are embedded in your supply chain operations and execute our services upstream (components logistics) or downstream (post-production logistics and distribution services).

We help our customers to optimise their operations and reduce their logistics costs.

We provide the following logistics services:

- Loading and unloading

- Receiving control (outer packaging and products).

- Product receiving and put away.

- Storage in racks, bulk or shelves depending on the product typology.

- Order preparation at the pallet, carton or product level (unit picking).

- Packaging and shipping preparation

- Transport organisation and transfer to transport companies.

In addition to the daily logistics operations we monitor our logistics services based on 3 key pillars:

- Ensure product inventory accuracy with a daily cycle counting methodology applying to all references stored in the warehouse.

- Ensure operations traceability within the warehouse while using our own warehouse management system (WMS) or our clients’ operations systems.

- Monitor operations optimisation with key performance indicators and activity reports (KPIs) and by implementing continuous improvement initiatives.